Paleontology and Historical Geology

Dr. Lars Reuning

Senior lecturer

Ludewig-Meyn-Straße 10, R. 414
Phone: +49 431 880-2880


since 12/2018     Akademischer Oberrat (tenured faculty position), CAU Kiel


2012 - 11/2018    Akademischer Oberrat (tenured faculty position), RWTH Aachen


2009 – 2012        Akademischer Rat (tenured faculty position), RWTH Aachen


2011 – 2012        Paternal leave (six month) 


2009                    Paternal leave (two month)


2005-2009           Scientific staff, RWTH Aachen


04/2005               Visiting Lecturer, St. Petersburg State University, Russia


2001-2005           Ph.D.-student, GEOMAR, Kiel


1995 – 2001        Study of Geology, Marburg University and Leicester University (UK)


Projects funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) can be found here: GEPRIS


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